Hospital culture

Hospital culture


Cultural concept system

Subject ``Love·Cultivation''
Spirit        for the love of excellence, use for the farthest
Values      ​​Benevolence-based, patients first
Mission       Work hard for a class of excellent careers
Vision       Be good at fate and start to create the world's best
Academy Motto,     Inheritance of Virtue, Diligence and Innovation


Hospital declaration
CITIC Xiangya is committed to the cause of eugenics, carries forward the spirit of "excellence through love, far-reaching with heart", adheres to the value concept of "patient-centered", abides by the hospital motto of "Honesty, Inheritance, Diligence, and Innovation", and continuously improves medical care Service ability, make unremitting efforts to realize the "eugenic dream" of mankind!

Employee pledge
With a sincere heart, Yu Jin devoted himself to the eugenics cause of CITIC Xiangya, fulfilling the motto and mission of CITIC Xiangya, sincerely dedicated and loyal to his duties, carrying forward the spirit and values ​​of CITIC Xiangya, persistent pursuit, innovation and enterprising, in order to realize the "eugenics of human beings". Dream" and make unremitting efforts.

CITIC Xiangya Cultural System Model​​​​​​​
With the [cell] structure related to the CITIC Xiangya business, a distinctive cultural model is built, resembling an "embryo" and blastocyst, which has the symbolic significance of the CITIC Xiangya business

The core is the spirit inherited by CITIC Xiangya, and the values, mission and vision that extend around the spiritual core are the common cognition of CITIC Xiangya’s values ​​and pursuits. The outermost academic motto, declaration and code of conduct are the common understanding of CITIC Xiangya’s people. The specific requirements of being a person and doing things

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