Reproductive and genetics hospital CITIC-XIANGYA,established in 2002 is one of the earliest tertiary reproductive and genetic specialist hospitals in China that can fully implement human assisted reproductive technology (including human sperm bank). At present, it is China’s human assisted reproductive technology and human sperm bank technology training base, the national (Hunan) gene testing technology application demonstration center, Hunan Provincial Postdoctoral Research and development center.

  • 42307

    Cycle number in 2021

  • 64.52%

    Average pregnancy rate of fresh embryos in 2021

  • 20ten thousand

    Cumulative number of babies born

Cultural concept system


Subject : ``Love·Cultivation''
Spirit : for the love of excellence, use for the farthest
Values : Benevolence-based, patients first
Mission :  Work hard for a class of excellent careers
Vision: Be good at fate and start to create the world's best

Hospital declaration


CITIC Xiangya is committed to the cause of eugenics, carries forward the spirit of "excellence through love, far-reaching with heart", adheres to the value concept of "patient-centered", abides by the hospital motto of "Honesty, Inheritance, Diligence, and Innovation", and continuously improves medical care Service ability, make unremitting efforts to realize the "eugenic dream" of mankind!

Employee pledge


With a sincere heart, Yu Jin devoted himself to the eugenics cause of CITIC Xiangya, fulfilling the motto and mission of CITIC Xiangya, sincerely dedicated and loyal to his duties, carrying forward the spirit and values ​​of CITIC Xiangya, persistent pursuit, innovation and enterprising, in order to realize the "eugenics of human beings". Dream" and make unremitting efforts.

Relying on the Key Laboratory of Reproductive and Stem Cell Engineering of the National Health and Family Planning Commission, the hospital has 5 doctoral degrees in genetics, developmental biology, reproductive medicine, stem cell and regenerative medicine, and bioethics;



So far, 15 post-doctoral students, 141 doctors (including current students), and 300 masters (including current students) have been trained;



750 papers have been published, including 218 papers in SCI;



The key technology of human assisted reproduction and sperm bank and its application in reproductive health won the National Science and Technology Progress Award twice.



Under the care of the Provincial Department of Science and Technology, the Development and Reform Commission and other departments, the team has been approved for 4 national key research and development projects (total amount of about 15 million yuan), 10 national natural science fund projects (total amount of 3.94 million yuan), and Hunan Province Major Special Project 1 Item (total amount of 6 million yuan).




The hospital's investment in research and development expenses: RMB 34,373,900 in 2015, RMB 46,816,900 in 2016, RMB 49,769,100 in 2017, RMB 51,099,600 in 2018, totaling RMB 182 million.

Core expert introduction

Chinese reproductive medicine and medical geneticist,  one of the pioneers of human reproductive engineering in China, director of National Engineering Research Center for Human Stem Cells, chief scientist and lifetime honorary president of the Reproductive & Genetic Hospital of Citic-Xiangya, and president of National Reference Center for Application of Genetic Testing Technologies(Hunan Prepregnant Genetic Testing Center).

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Hotline: 0731-84372980

Lugu General Hospital:
No. 567, Tongzipo West Road, Yuelu District, Changsha

Kaifu Branch:
84 Xiangya Road, Changsha City, Hunan Province (oppositeto Xiangya Hospital, click to navigate)



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